One day when I opened the “How to Get Involved” page in mozilla , I found three types of bugs mentored bugs,easy bugs and last one is mozilla student projects. The first one is a bug for which is assigned for us to guide you through the process of solving the bug . The second one is easy bugs which suits for beginners . The third one is Mozilla student projects in which we have to select an application and mozilla will assign a mentor and it takes 3-4 months to complete it . The last one attracts me and I searched for available Mozilla student projects and I landed in this page and I selected the “An open web app to track your friends”.

The Yoric is looking after mozilla student projects so I asked yoric to assign this one to me and he immediately granted that and name the open web app as “MapYourFriend”.Then I started writing some mockups to show to my mentor yoric about my idea on how to proceed with this app. First of all , let me tell you what is Open Web App ,an OWA is an app which can run on multiple devices and one more thing it also runs on FIREFOX OS . MapYourFriend is OWA which runs on every device and is used to track your friends . The basic procedure is first we need to create the group for our friends . Then after creating group we need to add them ,that’s it we can see our friend’s LIVE location on the map.

Basically where we can use this app , we can use this app when we need to know our friend’s location in unknown city , next application is when our friends are out for picnic , and if one of them misses then we can track them and many more can be seen here . And we are adding many features to it . And I will discuss about it in the next post.