On August 11th and 12th , I have attended Yahoo Open Hack , it was my First Hackathon ,really excited . I walked into Sheraton Bangalore for Yahoo Open Hack, with a loads of imagination . The Sheraton hotel and Yahoo hospitality totally swept me off . Yahoo tech crew wasr really cool . We formed a team with Abhiram,vamsi,sagar. We decide to work on a project which displays all the user’s post from all his social networking sites , but after starting the project we face some difficulties with OAuth  and facebook API , So later on we decided to another project like money management system , we some how managed to complete our hack with in the dead line .We submitted the hack ,as we expected we are not selected for the top 10 , but we learnt a lot from the first Hackathon , Yahoo is really amazing . The food was awesome  and finally we left the sheration with nice Yahoo goodies ,bean bags.